Monday, April 5, 2010

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Have you ever wondered about such life and death questions ?
  • I am grief stricken by the death of a loved one or a pet . . .
    ....What can I do now?
  • Can anyone be a medium?
  • Can anyone be Psychic?
  • I see images, visions, hear things, know things before it happens . . this normal ?
  • I see or hear spirits ( ghosts) ...Is this normal?
  • What is Channeling (channelling ),  trancing ?
  • Can I develop intuition, psychic, trance & channeling ability ?
  • Is there afterlife following physical death ?
  • Watch this video about Dr. Eben Alexander for compelling testimony
  • Neurosurgeon Dr.Eben Alexander's own near death experience:
  • What happens to my soul /spirit after physical death ?
  • What happens to a soul after suicide?
  • Why is a place "haunted" ?
  • What about my cat or dog or any pet that died ?
  • Is it possible to get messages from these passed over pets?
  • Can I communicate with family & friends who passed over ?
  • Why are we on earth ?
  • Is there someone out there and up there?
  • How can get guidance to change my life for the better?
  • What happens inside a Spiritualist Church?
  • What happens in 2012 ?

Spiritual development classes and spiritualist church services in Sydney, NSW Australia have been organized by Spiritualist medium Michelle Baum and others.

 2013 classes to resume after 4 Feb 2013

* * * * * * Church Services * * * * * *

North Shore Spiritualist Church in Sydney

Every 2nd, 3rd & 4th Friday
Starts at 7.30pm
End approx. 9.00pm
Refreshments served afterwards
All are welcome

In the premises of
St John's Uniting Church
cnr Yeo & Barry Streets
Neutral Bay NSW

* * Spiritual Development Classes * *
These classes teach meditation, develop mediumship & psychic skills, connect with spirit guides, develop trance medium skills, channeling ability , open one's third eye.

 Please contact  staff at following organisations for class details:
  • Southern Highlands Spiritualist Church, Mittagong NSW
  • North Shore Spiritualist Church in Sydney

  • FAQs
    7 Principles of Spiritualism
      1. Fatherhood of the Infinite God
      2. The brotherhood of Man
      3. Communion and Ministry of Spirits
      4. The continuous existence of the human Soul
      5. Personal Responsibility
      6. Compensation & Retribution for all deeds done on material plane
      7. Eternal progress now open to every Human Soul

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